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What do you get when you mix blood, sweat, tears, accomplishments, disappointments, life, and death... with love? You get Michael Hubbard.

Although Born and raised in Texas, Michael Hubbard has a passionate global vision for his music.

"I believe music is a form of communication, like speaking. I believe there are multiple languages of music. and to be an effective artist, touching lives on any stage (local, national, international), a musician must be multilingual. My goal is to touch every man, woman, and child around the world at least once a day through my music."

This vision is the basis of his work, from his company Michael Hubbard Music (Entertainment, Production, Sound, and Educational Services), to his soon to be released album Cornucopia, combining the genres of gospel, soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, and poetry. Whether it be a live performance, or a tightly produced record, you can be sure that his passion will ring loud and true.

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